iPhone 12 mini: The mini Hero We Deserve

To preface this article, I must admit that I am a guy with pretty small hands that also prefers to use my phone one-handed whenever possible. I say whenever possible because the trend of smartphones over the past half a decade has rendered that use case almost impossible. I am basically the antithesis to everything that smartphones have become. Nowadays there are practically no phones that have under 5.5 inch screens, and of those few phones virtually none of them are flagship phones.

That was all true up until Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini last month. Coming in with a 5.4 inch screen doesn’t exactly make the iPhone 12 mini sound small, but with virtually no bezels around that display it becomes easily the smallest flagship phone in quite some time. This isn’t Apple’s first foray in to making small flagships of course; The iPhone 4S came out at the same time as the original Samsung GALAXY Note back in 2011 and couldn’t have been more of a stark contrast in terms of size.

Samsung GALAXY Note (red), iPhone 4S (blue)

Among troves of massive flagship smartphones it really is refreshing to see any manufacturer move back to making phones that are capable of being used one-handed again. To give you an idea of just how large of a contrast the new iPhone 12 mini presents, let’s compare it to the recent Samsung Galaxy S20 (blue) and Google Pixel 5 (green):

Samsung Galaxy S20 (blue), Google Pixel 5 (green), iPhone 12 mini (red)

The huge increase in phone sizes since the inception of the modern smartphone really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but that’s a topic for another time and another article. For now people like myself can celebrate and only hope that other manufacturers take note of what Apple has done here.

Huge thanks to PhoneArena for their awesome phone size comparison tool that was responsible for the images in this article.


My personal technology interests lie in the realms of mobile, gaming, and almost anything Microsoft. That last part in mind, I still do try to follow the other technology giants in a more general sense. I’m not afraid to admit that the build quality of the iPhone is outstanding, that Android offers the most robust customization of any popular mobile OS, or that the PlayStation 4 has some incredibly impressive exclusive titles.

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