The Scorpio King: Microsoft. E3. 2017.

I’m going to start this article by first saying that this is all purely speculation. Everything I come up with could be completely wrong, or completely right. Either way, we won’t know as much until Project Scorpio is on store shelves, and in the living rooms of people around the world. With that being said it is always fun to toy around with what could happen, and try to see a little glimpse in to the future.

4K! 4K! 4K!

Aside from the cheesy, stereotypical, attention-grabbing-text-in-the-middle-of-an-article that it is, it’s likely going to end up being what we hear the most from Microsoft at E3 2017. Unsurprisingly there is going to be a flurry of 4K games on display running on the new console (or “equivalent” PC hardware, because fuck it). More surprisingly will be the fact that these games will be running at native 4K, and not some upscaled lower resolution like we have seen up until now on consoles. One challenge they are going to face is how to inform customers that a game is native 4K, as opposed to simply being upscaled. Putting on my fancy marketing cap leads me to believe that there will be some silly moniker like ‘Tru4K’ or ‘Real 4K’ to represent this. As for the demonstrations themselves, it seems likely that every demo will begin or end with somebody making a note of the game running at native 4K (likely via the aforementioned silly moniker). I wouldn’t expect any direct jabs at the PS4 Pro, but Microsoft is definitely going to highlight their capability here in a way that shines a negative light on Sony’s half-hearted offering.

It’s all about the benjamins gamers!

If the Xbox One’s initial flop, PS4’s impressive sales figures, and Phil Spencer’s success at clawing back market share have shown us anything, it’s that supporting gamers sells consoles. While Sony has sat back letting their substantial lead do the work for them, Microsoft has been fighting tooth-and-nail to get themselves back up the sales charts. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first though. Microsoft has shut down numerous projects recently (it’s sad that those are all separate links), raising eyebrows and questions about how this will impact the future of Xbox. Fair questions really when some of your most anticipated titles disappear overnight.  As much as this might weaken the lineup of games for Xbox overall, it is good that Phil Spencer and the many others on the Xbox team aren’t going to settle for anything less than the best. It might look bad at face value, but you don’t play your fourth line with two minutes left in the third period when you’re down by a goal.

Xbox One Xbox one game support?

Alright, so I really just wanted to write that because it helps highlight how stupid the Xbox One’s name is (but everybody already knew that when it launched). That being said, let’s step back and think about that for a second. How else could Microsoft steal the show? Scorpio and the majority of the games that will be on show are things any person can see coming from miles away. Announcing the potential to support any game that has ever been made for any Xbox console on a single piece of hardware would be momentous. Phil Spencer is doing a good job of keeping this feature in the public eye, even if he has said they weren’t working on it at that moment. This is much more farfetched than my other two points I will admit, but I wouldn’t count it completely out of the realm of possibility.

For now all we can do is hop aboard the hype train, arriving at its destination on June 11, 2017. Think I’m right? Think I’m wrong? Think I’m asking stupid questions? Write me a hateful comment about my questions, or share your opinion in the comments!


My personal technology interests lie in the realms of mobile, gaming, and almost anything Microsoft. That last part in mind, I still do try to follow the other technology giants in a more general sense. I’m not afraid to admit that the build quality of the iPhone is outstanding, that Android offers the most robust customization of any popular mobile OS, or that the PlayStation 4 has some incredibly impressive exclusive titles.

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