Xbox: Streaming Done Right

With the release of Windows 10 there were a plethora of features and additions. What I want to highlight is a feature that I’ve tried out since I upgraded to Windows 10; game streaming from an Xbox One to PC. This feature, which runs through the native Xbox app in Windows 10. takes a stream from your Xbox One and allows you to control it over your home network.

Only recently did an update allow for a “Very high” quality graphics setting which was previously hidden (I guess they weren’t sure how stable it would be?). According to some reports it takes around 18 Mbits/s to run at this quality setting. Trust me if your computer and network can handle it, it’s definitely worth it. I used Halo: The Master Chief Collection to test the streaming and boy was it surprising. You could definitely make out that you were playing a game that was being streamed, but the quality was good enough that I could use it on a consistent basis.

The thing that shocked me and got me thrilled was the responsiveness of the gameplay. Tell a gamer that you’re playing an online shooter through game streaming, and they’ll tell you what a nightmare poor latency is. I don’t know how, but the engineers at Microsoft really managed to pull a trick out of their hat with this one. The gameplay felt extremely smooth and is a far cry above anything else, even better than mirroring a regular desktop.

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