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Welcome to Subtechtive; The home of a technology enthusiast with too many opinions and too little time. I like to think that my opinion about the world of technology matters, and I think others might even agree with that. My plan is to provide timely articles about what is going on in the world of technology, and what I think those happenings mean for everybody.

About Scott

Though I wasn’t born long enough ago to have to wade through the tediousness of vacuum tubes and punch cards, I was still introduced to technology at a fairly young age. Growing up with technology that evolved at an insanely fast pace always seemed to leave me wondering what could possibly come next. Now here I sit in the year 2020 with a device that fits in my pocket, has a screen with a higher resolution than the biggest CRT monitors of yesteryear, and can store more information than every floppy disk I have likely ever owned.

My personal technology interests lie in the realms of mobile, gaming, and autonomous driving. Watching the smartphone evolve over the past two decades has been a privilege, and quite a wonder to behold. Watching gaming move from a couple big pixels on a screen to photo realistic landscapes that you can explore freely has also been an incredible joy. Lastly, watching cars evolve in to software-fueled, fully autonomous piece of machinery is absolutely fascinating and fills me with hope for the future.

I can’t promise that I won’t come across as an asshat some of the time, but I can promise that I will do my best to not let arrogance stand between my opinion and the facts.


My personal technology interests lie in the realms of mobile, gaming, and almost anything Microsoft. That last part in mind, I still do try to follow the other technology giants in a more general sense. I’m not afraid to admit that the build quality of the iPhone is outstanding, that Android offers the most robust customization of any popular mobile OS, or that the PlayStation 4 has some incredibly impressive exclusive titles.

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